sarah danahy

People, Places,
Walking, and Words.

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human-centred design | community engagement

Put people first. The human experience is at the core of all my work—whether it is designing materials for usability, honouring the unique perspective each individual brings to a project through engagement, or rethinking the design process entirely.


environmental graphic design | placemaking | mapping

I am fascinated by the connection between people and place. My wayfinding and environmental design work aims to make an environment less confusing and more inviting.


wayfinding | wandering | streets | mobility | active transportation

Walking is how we experience the world around us. I'm passionate about how/where we move, how we find our way, and how we connect with our environment through our movement.


graphic design | information design | mapping | communications

Graphic design is my tool to synthesize and communicate concepts clearly and effectively. Visualizing data and ideas can draw conclusions and find relationships that words alone cannot achieve.